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Pacific Coast Real Estate Inspections

Our parent company, Christopher's Construction Inc, has been building luxury homes in and around the bay area for almost three decades, and has performed countless 604 compliance inspections throughout the city of San Francisco. Our building expertise from the ground up allows us to effectively identify any visual deterioration of exterior elevated elements, such as decks and stair systems, as required by the new California law SB-721, and San Francisco's housing code Section 604. You can rest assured that our inspection team has the industry knowledge and professional experience needed for a comprehensive evaluation of your property.

Inspection Process

Our inspection process is quick and easy. If all exterior elevated elements are accessible from the outside of the building, you don't even need to be present for the inspection. Any properties with decks or balconies only accessible through tenant units will require a building representative present with our inspector.


Our systematic approach is designed to document all the required elements under California law SB-721. and/or San Francisco Section 604 Housing Code. We carefully examine every exterior deck, balcony, stairway, fire escape or loadbearing structure to provide you with a comprehensive photo report and assessment. Providing all the necessary reporting and documentation to property owners and agents to keep their buildings in compliance.

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Comprehensive Evaluations

We conduct thorough visual inspections to ensure that all your exterior elevated elements are in good condition and will last the 6 years between inspections. Our expert experience guarantees an accurate assessment of your property.


Detailed Inspection Report

Each inspection report will contain detailed photos of every required exterior load bearing structure, advising on its current condition and anticipated lifespan. Our comprehensive report will provide you with valuable insights  so you can plan for the future and budget any repairs.

Inspection Report Review

We are here to help! Inspectors are available to discuss the report findings and provide further clarification of any deficiency's and recommendations to help you meet the safety standards mandated by the new California law

At work

Combo 604/721 Inspections

Properties in San Francisco are required to have a Section 604 Compliance Affidavit every 5 years, and the new SB-721 Certification every 6 years. With the overlapping inspection requirements, you can save time and money with our combined 604/721 inspection. 

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Our Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Pacific Coast Real Estate Inspections is committed to prioritizing the safety and compliance of residential buildings for its property owners and agents. Our team is dedicated to delivering meticulous inspection services to ensure the integrity of tenant loadbearing exterior structures.

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